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Antonio Dorado SA

Our company was founded in 1965, when Mr. Antonio Dorado settled in Mallorca, and he began his own business career. This is the beggining of an adventure that has been slowly consolidated, creating jewels which combined with Mallorca Pearls are of the pleassure of  the thousand of tourists who visit our island every year

In 1976 our actual location is inaugurated, with new facilities and factory that allow us to expand our market, and begin to manufacture and sell to the rest of Spain and export to other countries.

In the following years the company is consolidated and sales are increased, both nationally and internationally, participating in numerous jewelry fairs.

In 1996, the company acquired the old factory of Nereida Pearls with almost 100 years of history in the manufacture of Mallorca Pearls, thus considerably increasing our productive capacity.

Nowadays we commercialize two brands of Mallorca Pearls, which satisfy the most demanding customers: Crisali Prestige and Ondina, which can be purchased in stores all over the world.


We don't want to forget about our store, located in Palma de Mallorca in front of the Bull Ring, open to the public since 1976, and where you can find a wide collection of our pearls that satisfy the desires of any lady.

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